another side of him :D

still, about my lil bro. I think he inspired me so much πŸ™‚

ok, in my previous post I wrote about his difficulties in math. Now, I will show you the other side of him πŸ™‚

He is good in drawing, creative, full of curiosity, and interested in new things.

Let me show you then πŸ™‚

his fav

his fav drawing

2 3 4 5 6

On each picture he wrote some words such as:

-Nandha, his own name.

– SUMAWE which stands for “Sumbermanjing Wetan” .. a place in south of Malang

– “Messi” who is his fav football player. but he also has Ronaldo there. I dont know which one he prefers then πŸ˜€

– Chinese character which he copied from my lil sister Mandarin book,, once he told to me that those character means “My name is Nanda” but I’m not sure about it lol.

– NIKE and PUMA on his drawing.. are they brands that he saw? where did he see? school ? why did he write Nike and Puma instead other brands? lol I should ask him later about it.

From what I saw, I think he captured what he saw well. The details of what he drew matched with what he saw. He gathered what he got on his drawing.

Is it his talent? I think yes. Because when I was a child I don’t have this such of ability.

What do you think?



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